Outsource Hr

Outsourced HR

Dedicated part-time or interim on-site support to help employees and managers with HR-related questions and concerns. Advise senior leadership team on HR strategy, risk mitigation, and talent management. Manage new hire compliance, new hire orientation, new leader assimilation, performance reviews and performance discussions. Provide remote phone and email support for questions as HR issues arise.

Strategic Planning - Workforce Planning

Risk Management

Develop or review employee handbook and policies, including organizational rollout and communication. Conduct Wage/Hour audits. Provide on-site training programs for managers responsible for discipline and discharge decisions. Deliver harassment training and conduct workplace investigations. Advise on employee and labor relations matters and provide third-party avoidance training. Effectively navigate the company through reorganizations, reductions in force and strategic right sizing initiatives.

Employee Onboarding

Employee Retention & Engagement

Develop performance and talent management programs that unharness individual and organization performance. Leverage metrics to understand qualitative and quantitative data specific to your organization.  Provide leadership development and coaching / mentoring programs and utilize engagement surveys, 360 feedback, stay conversations, exit Interviews, etc. to inform talent retention strategy.

Succession Planning

Workforce Planning & Talent Management

Utilize workforce planning methodology to provide a framework for proactively forecasting talent needs in alignment with organizational priorities. Develop recruitment strategies and solutions to deliver the “best and brightest” candidates. Conduct on-site interviewing and selection training programs geared for hiring managers. Create tailored onboarding programs to accelerate new hire impact within the organization. Facilitate succession planning programs to effectively prepare for continuity and growth.